Jace’s Birthday Contest – Last Chance!

We’ve had some WILD guesses and some REALLY close ones on the time of day and weight of the birthday boy – but no winners yet! Almost everyone got #1 right (proof of the power of GOOGLE), but even goggle needs good information to give you the right answers. So, here’s a couple of clues that might help you use the remaining 4 days to WIN!

#2. If no self respecting artists would be born before noon, would halfway between noon and the evening news, or noon and the nightly news seem more artistic?

#3. Pediatric growth chart projections for Jace were 6′ 5″ and 250 lbs. He’s actually pretty glad he didn’t realize either of those projections, but they might offer you a clue to answer #3 in the Birthday Quiz.

You don’t have to make another purchase to enter the Quiz, just recalculate your answers and try again.

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