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Dan Cohen new release imminent

Dan Cohen is about to release a new record. It will be called: Bluebird. And it will be available in all of the usual places. We are hard at work on Dan’s new web site this very minute!

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Jace Everett New Tour Dates

Hello everyone! Jace Everett will be touring to support his magnificent record Terra Rosa in 2014. Visit his show list to see the dates in Ireland, England, Spain and more! –MC

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Jace’s Birthday Contest – Last Chance!

We’ve had some WILD guesses and some REALLY close ones on the time of day and weight of the birthday boy – but no winners yet! Almost everyone got #1 right (proof of the power of GOOGLE), but even goggle needs good information to give you the right answers. So, here’s a couple of clues that might help you use the remaining 4 days to … Read More

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Win Prize for Jace’s Birthday

Guess who has a birthday in May?   Yep, Jace Everett has another year tacked onto his dance card on the 27th of May.    He’s celebrating by offering his Fans a special deal on two of his albums. Beginning May 1st  and continuing through May 27th, he’s offering you one of the old and one of the new for one price.  You can purchase a … Read More

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Don’t Ever Change

Weston Boys has a schmancy new web site, courtesy of THE KOMPANEE and Brian Brown. Well, it wasn’t entirely courtesy. We will pay them someday. Check it out: same old address, but blazing new character and pizazz. Let us know what you think of the new design, and while you are at it, buy a copy of Jace Everett’s new release, Mr. Good Times. … Read More

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Get Jace Everett’s New Album Now!

From Jace Everett: “Mr. Good Times” is finally available in the U S of A… and anywhere else for that matter! Do you want to go to there? Then, please, by all means… Order MR.GOOD TIMES here! Buy four copies and have a coaster set! Buy a dozen and play frisbee golf!! Hell, buy a gross and just give them away to folks!!! But by … Read More

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Two Weston Boys Artists in the News

Howdy all, There’s going to be a lot of news in the next few weeks around here. Two items for today: JACE EVERETT WON A BMI SONGWRITING AWARD! Congratulations, Jace–that’s a big deal. He’s also got a new website, heralding the release of his new album RED REVELATIONS on June 23: Go on there, look at videos, check out new songs, read his new … Read More

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Denitia Odigie EP released: BRICK BY BRICK

Denitia Odigie has released an EP, Brick by Brick, in collaboration with Weston Boys Entertainment. It’s got four mellow, rich, enchanting songs that people are already talking about from Nashville to New York to Los Angeles. You can buy the CD from the Weston Boys store or from Amazon, and you can download it from virtually anywhere. Get it at by clicking here, for … Read More

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Free music!

Hello everyone, We want to give you FREE music! Write me at westonboys at and I’ll send you a free mp3 of the song “Heartbreaker,” the new release from Denitia Odigie. (Never fear: you won’t be put on any lists–unless you specifically ask me to.) Brick By Brick – Denitia Odigie Brick By Brick – EP by Denitia Odigie; get it at Amazon! Denitia’s … Read More

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Jace Everett New Album Release Scheduled

Jace Everett — singer of “Bad Things,” the theme from the hit HBO series True Blood — is releasing a new album in collaboration with Weston Boys Entertainment. The record is called RED REVELATIONS, and it’s scheduled for global release on CD, vinyl, and digital on June 23rd, 2009. Jace Everett The album has 11 new tracks and will have a bonus track: “Bad Things.” … Read More

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